UBH 45XC Ballhead with X-Cross clamp

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A Ball Head and a Pan / Tilt head in one unit! Equiped with a built in leveling base and X-cross clamp, with a loading capacity of 40 kg.

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UBH 45 ballhead with a built in leveling base and pan-tilt head. World’s only leveling ballhead. Machined from aerospace industry aluminium alloy to 1/100mm tolerance. Equipped with a precision bubble level, calibrated to 0.1degree of accuracy.

The Uniqball UBH45XC; our well know revolutionary ball head with X-cross clamp is suitable for all 38,1 mm wide standard Arca Swiss style plates. The plate may be in direction of the optical axis and also perpendicular to it. With the Uniqball 45 X-cross clamp the camera can be mounted according to the photographer’s needs. This configuration is especially useful for those who don’t wish to say goodbye to the comfort of the gimbal but wish to extend the head’s application with a Gimbal 250 or a double Gimbal 320. Because of the X-cross clamp the mounting of the camera becomes much easier, the camera or lens foot can go directly onto the plate, which saves carrying the X-adapter with you. Another great advantage is it’s super lightweight.

Recommended for any telephoto lenses, including super telephoto lenses:
600mm F/4, 800mm F/5.6, 200-400mm F/4, 500mm F/4, 400mm F/2.8, 300mm F/2.8, 100-400mm F/5.6, 50-500mm F/6.3, etc.

For the delicate operation of the head it is highly important to carefully balance out the mounted equipment!

Do not use a longer than 8mm screw to secure the head to any stand, otherwise you can damage the outer red shell of the head!

The clamp can only capture 60 mm or longer plates.

Additional information

Weight 0.848 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13.5 × 12.5 cm

Data Sheet

Recommended for super telephoto
Load Capacity: 90 Ib (40 kg)
Height: 4,1″ (10,5 cm)
Tripod Mount Thread Size: 3/8″-16
Weight: 1.62 Ib (733 g)
Base diameter: 2.7″ (69 mm)

What`s in the box

• Uniqball UBH45XC ball head
• X-Cross clamp
• Warranty card with PIN code for extended warranty with registration
• User manual


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Warranty letter - UBH 45XC

Warranty letter for UBH 45XC

Withdrawal of Contract Form

Withdrawal of Contract Form

Product manual for UBH45XC & 35CX

Product manual for UBH45XC & 35CX